UPS container houses are houses refitted from sea containers, or houses designed to look like containers. With the opening of the Internet, we can easily find such housing pictures, some are used for workers living on construction sites, some are high-end container villas carefully designed by professional architectural designers, giving a very novel feeling. So how many years can container houses last? Today, Farley will explain to you how many years can container movable houses last.

UPS container house

The service life of any product is related to its material, so is the container house. It’s not a problem to use a house of good quality for 30 years, or it’s possible to use a house of bad quality for 2 years.

Prefabricated UPS container house

We focus on your comfortable life, not only a house. Always try our best to offer you the best and professional service.

UPS prefab container house

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Our clients base includes government projects in Russia, South America, South Africa South East Asia, Australia and other additional projects in more than 45 countries globally. Our patented building system is custom designed to address the worldwide problem of increasingly labour cost associated with traditional buildings.

UPS container houses UPS container houses UPS container houses

UPS container houses

We are specialized in customizing designs of 100% Green Technology building materials for permanent and temporary buildings namely terrace house, bungalow apartment, villa, labour dormitory, office and other types of residential property are committed to accommodate first-class quality and efficient pre-sale and after-sale services.

UPS Container Building Construction

Our 21st Century Technology promotes innovation in customized aesthetic design while complying with 100% Green Environmental good citizenship practices.

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